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Dual Ascent

Last time I mentioned to work I had been doing on the Verzasca dam in Switzerland for a multi pitch climbing race. The event was a great success and a link to the film about it is below. My part of the climb is the yellow section in the middle - it caused some of the athletes a few problems but worked a treat. You can find the film HERE

There has been time to do a few woodwork jobs too - a few photos are below.

Above: A large bowl made from Willow - not a wood I usually turn as it tends to tear out, but I persevered with this piece and it turned out OK.

Above and below: A new solid oak bookcase and door fitted into a hole in a wall between two rooms. The original idea was to have a double bookcase, with one side being a secret door, but in the end the idea was vetoed as it wouldn't have let enough light into the room. The glazed oak door with its antique reclaimed brass doorknob and glass was a good consolation. The hand carved architrave definitely adds a touch of class.

The two photos above show details of an oak piano stool with a carved inscription. Note the gorgeous medullary rays in the oak spindle in the second photo. Working with wood of this quality is always a pleasure.

Above: A pair of walnut bookends - part of a commission. The bookends are joined with handout dovetail joints, and the wick of the candle is a 2.5mm walnut dowel which has been steam bent to look more realistic. Finished with French polish and a nice solid brass plaque.


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