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Topping out

So, after a brief pause for summer holidays, I've finally found a little time to finish the roof of the timber frame I've been building. Photo below. (It's not totally finished - there are still the wind braces to go into the roof structure, but its all but done bar the shouting)...!

It's a pretty terrible photo - I should really try and take some better ones. The house is much bigger in reality than the photo lets on, being 15 metres in length and 6 metres across. Basically its a 3 double bedroomed detached house. We worked out that I have cut well over 300 mortice and tenon joints to join the frame together! I might go back to slightly smaller projects now - anything where I don't need a crane to move the individual pieces of wood around would be nice...

As well as this project, I have also finished a few turning jobs, and been to Qatar for 9 days on a route setting job for the ANOC World Beach Games. To say my current work is varied is probably an understatement.

Photo: Oak bowl with 22ct gold inlay

Photo: Boabab tree in a park in Qatar

As always, I'll write some more when I find a spare minute.

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