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Raising the roof

So, the main frame for the house is now complete, and there will be a short delay whilst the wood for the roof trusses is processed. The tree that the roof timbers will come from is still growing, but is due to be felled, milled and dried in August. This should allow me to work on the roof trusses in September and finish the frame completely. The pictures below show the work completed so far - there is also a shot showing the connection between the tree that will sit in the middle of the living room, and the large tie-beam that runs through it. I think the tree will look amazing in this space once the building is complete.

My blog updates have been pretty erratic recently - partly due to spending a lot less time around computers (by choice!) and partly due to being busy. However, I haven't forgotten that I was supposed to write something about the soap box race I was helping to organise.

The event was well attended by lots of spectators (obviously their enthusiasm was due to the impending risk of spectacular crashes from the participants!), and there were some very good machines dreamt up by a few local wannabe racing drivers. The winning cart in the senior race managed an average speed of just shy of 33mph from a standing start (no pushing at the start either) over a course of 600 metres. Not bad for a load of scrap metal and a few sheets of plywood. My soap box was driven to victory in the junior race by my son, although I was soundly beaten in it in the senior race. The steering needs a bit of work before next year - things got a little 'squirrely' once the cart got over 30 mph...!

The formal racing was all done and dusted without any serious crashes. However, the road closure lasted longer than the spectators did, so once the official event had finished a few informal runs took place, including a head to head between a Canadian mate of mine in my cart versus another mate in his 'stealth bomber'. The resulting crash was an absolute belter, and was captured on video. If I ever work out how to upload it onto the web, I'll post it for your viewing pleasure. Needless to say, no serious injuries were incurred, although they was a little bit of bark lost from one of Stuart's elbows.... First aid was administered (in the pub) so all's well that end's well. Roll on next years debacle!

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