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Type 2 Work

My life has given many interesting work opportunities, and recently I took up one of these offers to help create a climb in an unusual place. Bearing in mind I have spent 30 years creating artificial climbs this shouldn't seem so unusual, but this one was pretty special.

The guys at Rockcity asked if I would help set their pitch on a large multi-pitch climb up the Verzasca dam in Switzerland. The idea is that there are two identical climbs that teams of climbers will race each on up the dam. It sounded like a fun job, and so it has been. Super hard work in a position that is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The race event is due to be held in the autumn, so we will see then if all the hard work was worth it. A big thank you must go to Simon, Katja and the lovely people at 360 Holds for looking after me so well, and also to Mark at Rockcity for offering me the job.

Drilling concrete in the dark.... working at night to avoid the heat of day

Getting ready to go to work - our work basket is just under the top of the dam, with the climbs some way below. Extra points if you can spot the bungy jumper!


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