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Ready to race!

Just a quick update with things. The house build is coming along, in between the showers. A couple more days on the main structure and then I will tackle the roof trusses. This house will have a tree (yes, a whole 25 foot high section of beech tree) holding up the roof in the living room instead of a sawn beam. Hopefully we can tackle this bit this week if the crane we are using has a fault on it fixed. Watch this space!

Testing the tree for fit!

Another view of the frame...

A bunch of braces waiting to go into the frame - chicken for scale. All the tenons are hand cut.

Of course, the big news is that the inaugural Hope Soap Box Derby (organised by me and a couple of mates from the village) will take place this Tuesday. Being daft, we have found a course that is both very long and very steep, and my idea of building a cart mostly of wood now seems a little rash. In testing, we reckon that carts will go at least 35mph down the course, so lets hope my construction skills are up to the task. Below is a sneak peak - I'll write more about this in a future blog (probably, if I survive the race)!

At the very least I should win the prize for best steering wheel....!

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