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Green, Man

I have found a bit of time (while it is finally got round to raining) to take a few new pictures of things which I have posted in the Gallery.

At the moment I am enjoying turning an abundance of green wood which I have been given over the last few months. Green wood is so different to work with than the dry lumps of timber most turners use. It is messy, sometimes difficult to understand and work with, unpredictable, and prone to move in very strange ways..... Just like me then! I am really enjoying the challenge, and also the extra opportunities for creativity that green wood lends itself to - particularly the ease with which it can be carved. It also means I can find much larger lumps of wood to turn, which is exciting in its own way too. I have just been given a few very big lumps of Elm which I'm looking forward to playing with, as its pretty rare to get hold of nowadays.

Pipe/Branch - Ash, Beech and steel

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