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Clearing the decks

A period of slightly calmer work schedules has meant that I have had time to get back into the workshop and finish a few jobs off. Most urgent was our kitchen refurb, which whilst not yet completely finished, now at least functions as a kitchen again. We have drawers and cupboards to put all our pots, pans and food into, instead of living out of carrier bags which is a far more relaxing experience.

Not a very good photo of the new kitchen units - made to match the old ones!

The new kitchen units needed to match the old ones (which are 40 years old and made from recycled pine floorboards!) so it was not so easy, but I think in the end its a close match. The colour of the new units is still slightly too light, but after a year or so the pine will darken down and they should all look the same. Thanks to Finney's in Chesterfield for the advice on finishing and matching the colour - the unit closest in the photo has a new drawer and an old drawer in it, so you can see how similar the colours are, even before the new wood has aged. I even matched the old drawer and cupboard knobs, by turning new versions to the same dimensions and shape. All the new bits should soon blend in to the old and the whole job should look great.

Cupboard door knobs for the kitchen, in oak

There is still a bit more to do as regards making kitchen cabinets, but I also got around to turning the pile of Tulipwood boards that have been in my way for several months into a nice leaning bookshelf which is now also in our kitchen. It looks great - a fantastic design from Paul Sellers, and as always, has been completely been made by hand. No-one will probably ever know (or want to know?!) the complexity of the tapered half lap housing dado joints that hold it all together, but it was a joy to make, and I hope will bring joy to everybody who uses it.

Finished leaning shelves, in tulipwood

A close-up of a hand cut tapered half lap housing dado joint.

Next jobs to do include a free-standing kitchen unit with drawers, cupboards and a solid wood top, a garden bench in cast-iron and oak, finishing a timber-framed porch (a bit weather dependant this one!), and starting the backlog of turning jobs (including some mug trees!)... Should keep me busy.

Meanwhile, saw-milling has taken a backseat with all the other jobs, but it looks like Big Marv has been busy churning through the huge pile of sticks waiting to be milled....!

A lot of wood!

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