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Manic March

This blog has been sadly neglected over the last month or so, but March was totally manic with work or family commitments taking up all but 5 days when I could get into the workshop and try to catch up with the job list. April is looking a little calmer, and I hope to get time to finish some of the work currently ongoing.

These jobs include the oak-framed porch which has been started, but I have had to leave it without its roof timbers as I will need a few days of good weather to finish this job off. The last opportunity I had to complete this job it snowed!

Our kitchen refurb at home has finished, leaving me with the job of making and installing a load of new cabinets to match what was left of the original ones. The original kitchen units are all made from solid reclaimed pine floorboards, so the new ones have been made the same, although matching the colour of ancient pine boards with the new ones might prove tricky. I trip to Mr Finney's wood finish shop in Chesterfield could well be in order next week - if anybody can help match the colour, Mark Finney can!

The staircase balusters and newel post I have been turning have finally been delivered this week, freeing up a bit of space in a very cluttered workshop. And all of a sudden, with the good weather bringing people out to the local shops and galleries, some of my bowls have sold, so I need to get on with turning some new stuff to replenish stock!

No pictures for this blog - been too busy to take any good ones, but I will hopefully get some nice shots of completed projects next time.

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