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The world has not ended!

After the pause between the last blog post and this one, readers might be forgiven for thinking that without my iPhone anymore, the world has now ended, and I have given up with technology completely. This hasn't happened, surprisingly, but I have found plenty more time to do stuff which has been very pleasant. Days uninterrupted by a chirping smart phone are very highly recommended - I haven't missed mine at all, and have quickly remembered how simple things still were without the benefit of being able to instantly google things.

As it's school holidays, I am taking more time out of the workshop to enjoy being with my kids. As a former home-schooler, I really miss my children during school term time, and relish having them back in the holidays so we can do things/mess about/go on adventures/etc, etc..... Our current project is a 14ft long wooden sailing dinghy that we have bought on something of a whim (cos it was a bargain, obviously!) - more news of this next time, assuming we haven't sunk it!

Here's a picture of a thing - not sure what it is yet. It might be a spice bowl - for storing all the key spices for your favourite curries in? Anyway, it was fun to make - an exciting blend of off-set turning of a big lump of spalted sycamore, combined with some delicate spindle turning to make all the different walnut knobs.

Spice Bowl in spalted Sycamore and Walnut

Current favourite lid is the centre one (they're all different). This one has become known as St Basil's after its Red Square namesake!

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