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Milling timber

After a lot of research and pondering, Andy at Arborist Tree Care has finally gone and bought a new, shiny saw mill. The new machine is capable of turning huge bits of tree into usable slabs of timber of any size and shape. The idea is that when the boys at Arborist have to fell a tree which still contains good wood, instead of chopping it up into firewood or turning it into wood chip (the normal means of disposal that tree surgeons use) we now have the ability to turn it into large slabs of usable, beautiful timber.

Milling timber is hard, heavy work and it requires a lot of equipment to do it easily and safely. But the effort will yield even more amazing wood to work with. This afternoon I milled a section of the sweet chestnut tree which had come down in the field behind our house. The wood will be used to build new gates for our garden. I'm pretty excited about the fact that I can spend less time and money searching out suitable wood for projects from timber merchants and just go and cut the correct wood I need for each job.

Andy milling a lump of pine on his new Woodmizer

Bella sleeping amongst the sycamore shavings

The new machine can cut enormous bits of wood, up to two and a half feet wide and nearly 20 feet long. That means that it is capable of cutting things like kitchen work-tops from a single tree trunk which is amazing. We already have a lot of milled and dried timber from last year, but I reckon we'll really be able to build up some impressive stock of interesting timber with this new machine. Contact me via the website if you are interested in looking at our stock.

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