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I delivered a dining table to a customer this week. Here are some pictures of it. It's made in quartersawn oak, with walnut stringing around the edge of each leaf. Unextended it will happily seat 4 with lots of room, and with the extra leaf in the middle will accommodate 6 with ease, and more at a push. As is my preference, the extension slides are made by me rather than buying flimsy mass-produced metal sliders. The reason for this is the improved strength the beech slides I made add to the table - shop bought versions won't withstand much abuse, whereas my extension system will be around for generations. The walnut stringing is done in such a way that the grain orientation of the string lines match the grain orientation of the oak table top. This should mean that the oak and the walnut can move together with changes in temperature and humidity without the string lines breaking or popping out. A bit of a faff, but worth it for the end result.

A nice piece to make, and a simple design which was more complicated to make than might first appear.


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