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    Wood milling

    I work with Andy at Arborist Tree Care in Sheffield to mill, process and air-dry timber for use by wood workers, cabinet makers and turners, We have a constantly changing stock of timber, but we only mill the good stuff! Our current stock includes Yew, spalted Sycamore, English Oak, Ash (including some beautiful boards of olive ash), Whitebeam, Lime, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut, Pearwood, spalted Beech - the list is long and growing by the week. 

    As I work with the timber I help produce, this makes me more aware of how difficult it is to get certain types of wood, and that is why I'm happy to consider any specific request customers might have regarding cutting specific size boards, quarter-sawing, cutting structural timbers for framing, and so on.


    I only want to use the best wood for my work, and so this is the reason we are happy to wait for our wood to air-dry naturally rather than getting an inferior grade timber by kilning. This might mean a wait for some of our stock to be ready for certain uses - it's always worth being patient!

    All our wood is cut from local trees. We sometimes have stock of logs that are of special interest for turners - I'm always on the look out for burls, sections of crotch wood, large diameter pieces and unusual species.


    Please get in touch via the contact page for current stock, prices