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The new year ahead will see a number of exciting things happening for me, but will be particularly busy too. Thoughts of spending less of my work time in the climbing wall route setting and more time in the workshop have been put on hold for the short-term whilst I turn my attention to up-coming competitions - more on this in my next blog...

Meanwhile I have spent the festive period helping out a little bit with fixing the roofing materials onto the timber frame I helped build in the summer. The dire weather this autumn has lent a sense of urgency to get this work finished so at least the frame can now start to dry out a little bit. I have also found some time to build a much-needed timber store behind my workshop, which has freed up some space.

I've also been doing a bit more turning - mostly just playing around with stuff and trying some different ideas. I have been turning a lot of the ash that we felled in the spring, and am producing an ever-growing series of hollow vessels. I'm not sure what I will end up doing with them all, but I'm enjoying the creative process of making them which is the most important thing!

Carved Ash vessel

Double rimmed ash vessel

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