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Festive clear-out

My lovely friends at Hills and Tor are having a bit of a bash at The Grasshopper cafe in Hope this Thursday, where they will be showing some of their beautiful jewellery. They have very kindly offered me a bit of table space to show/sell some of my turned bits and pieces, so why not come along and have a look. Some of the pieces on offer are pictured below.

Massive Sycamore and Walnut fruit bowl

Briar burr pot

Chechen burr and pewter bowl

Spalted sycamore platter

Cog bowls in Maple and Walnut

It's a good chance for me to reduce the size of the Bowl-cano that has been growing over the course of the year - this is all stuff I have just turned for fun, not unsold commission work, so it is an eclectic mixture of things....but all of them would probably make somebody you know an amazing Christmas present so why not come along.

Typically, I will (once again) not be able to come myself, as I have work in Italy to go to (it's a tough job...!). However, my lovely wife has been press-ganged into standing in for me, and lets face it, she'll probably do a much better job of showing my work off than I would. There might even be a few bargains in there!

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