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January 8, 2018

While the weather is cold, I've decided to try stay in the warm and try to make a dent in the large pile of 'interesting' lumps of wood that have been accumulating under my lathe. First lumps I came across was a section of red oak that came from somebodies back garden in Whirlow about 18 months ago, and I also unearthed a big knobbly bump from the side of a stem of yew that came from Broomhill. I also found a stash of Laburnum logs that I'd forgotten about, but are probably nice and dry now.


There are some other bits that look like they might be fun/awkward to turn, including an innocuous block labeled 'African Poison Wood' and a briar burr that has been dug out of the ground and should provide hours of confusion while I try and mount the thing on the lathe without it flying off and smashing a hole through the wall of the workshop...! Should be fun?!

 Below are some photos of the first bowl from the yew - turned out pretty nicely and its a good size (about 12" in diameter)








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